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Who is this maker's mark for? Is this brooch from the 1930s? Find the answer by searching a database of hundreds of jewellery maker's marks and assay marks or by exploring an image database, including photos from antique books, magazines or ads. This is a unique easy-to-use tool, combining various existing information on jewellery in one location.

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Hundreds of jewellery marks

When was a specific mark in use? Who the workshop worked for? Is it 18k gold? Don't want to go through the many existing sources to find your answer? Research easily assay or maker's marks through a unique database that will give you names, periods and detail whenever available. New marks from various jewellers, workshops, countries, assay offices, will be added weekly so as to cover as many possible aspects of jewellery. 

Hundreds of jewellery photos

Old books and magazines are great sources of information on jewellery. Unfortunately, there are so many that it is impossible to find what you want whenever needed, unless you can take hours to browse through them all. We are doing the work for you. Referencing all jewels found in old publications, you can now explore a visual database that combines photos from antique magazines and ads. Find your jewel through the use of keywords and get the information published at the time.


With ResearchJewel my goal is to share with you my knowledge based on years of experience and to give a better and more accurate understanding of each and every jewel.

Vanessa Cron

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  • Database of hundreds of jewellery marks
  • Find marks through letters, symbols, shapes, etc...
  • Database of hundreds of jewellery photos
  • Find jewels through keywords
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